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Book a place in group lessons with a professional tutor. The best way to improve speaking!

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Find a tutor you like. Try our brand new collaborative platform. You have never tried anything like that!

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Test your skills

We prepeared a complex test for you to determine your language skills level.

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It is a videochat where you can discuss a particular topic with other students and a teacher.

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What is a liveclass?

Forget about boring webinars where you can only listen and write in a chat. Here you are in center of a discussion. It is a place to start speaking everyone here has equal time and opportunity to be heard!

How does it work?

We use high-quality free video chat google hangouts (like skype). You should only choose suitable time and teacher from a list and join the group when it is time to start! As simple as that!

Example class:

Distinctive features:

Any level

Are you a beginner or an experienced student? It doesn't matter because everyone here gets something new at our classes!


Priceless practice! Talk to native speakers and meet students from all over the world. Learn to understand different accents!


All you need to start classes is gmail account to access to free hangouts group calls. You can also use your gmail to register here.


Private lessons with our tutors. The best from regular remote lessons + new collaborative platform.

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Private lessons of the next generation

We teach through collaborative platform.

You have never tried anything like that! Distance beetween you and your teacher disapears because of simple and handy tools. It is not screensharing you can see each other and studying materials and work on the same document!

Why are our lessons different from any other?

  • Virtual classroom on Conceptboard platform

    Even better than regular classroom!

  • Based on modern and relevant information.

    Forget about oldfashioned coursebooks

  • Situational approach and methodology. You study from real life situations

    You learn grammar and vocabulary from diffrent topics such as "party with friends", "car rent" and other helpful situations from everyday life.

  • Only the best tutors

    We do our best to get the best specialists and more than that we want our tutors to have bright and lively characters.

Do you like printed materials?

Do not like all that digital stuff? Classical paper books fun? No problem! You can use the same printed courses. You get all the benefits of remote lesson and video chat you can still watch and listen to materials. Our courses are very flexible from both technical and informative sides

Our tutors:

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Prices start: from 15$ per hour

from Russian Federation

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English, Italian, Russian

Prices start: from 15$ per hour

from Russian Federation

Check your grammar!

We prepeared a complex test for you to determine your language skills level.

  TEST your language skills

Use all the power of cutting edge web technologies and obtain the total control of your classes:

Our team is focused on making learning languages effective and fun. Here we wanted to give you as much control as possible. You can use our grammar trainer to learn new cool features or to extend your knowledges. Every one can find something new here. Good luck with your studies!

  •   After registration you get:

    Access to your personal profile. Opportunity to book classes. All classes you visit are saved and you have access to them at any time.

    Join students from different countries! Learn languages communicating and meet new and interesting people!

  •   Need a personal approach?

    Learning language on your own?

    Have questions about particular things or a grammar subject?

    Here you can book a single lesson based on your need!

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What our students say:

Franco C.

The method is really interesting and it is new , since it provides different web tools at the same time (Google+ Hangouts, Conceptboard, Skype). That makes studying English grammar points, units and topics very usefull.

Vera B.

I like the private lessons a lot. The main advantage is surely the fact that you donl't have to go anywhere and can study in comfort at home. Also I love the course and programm very much!

Elena A.

It's not my first internet school I've been studying here for 2 years and now my daughter is studying here as well. I'm pleased with her results as she was taken into an advanced English group
in her new gymnasium.

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